Trying Something New...

Do any of you remember like forever and a day ago I posted about wanting to give my master bath a redo? Well the time has come my friends and this makeover is on a tight budget! As I keep you updated on the process I will include DIYs so if you get the itch you can give your bathroom a little love too. I'm hoping to keep this update under a hundred dollars and if I can do it for less than fifty even better!!

Today I am going to show you all the before pics... when I registered for all of my master bath goodness we hadn't bought our house yet so I was unaware that everything would be beige!! My thought when I registered was to keep the Mister happy and go for a sort of spa look. Well against the walls that match the rugs, that are the exact same color as the towels...the look was lost. Since I get ready and start my day in this space it should be happy right?!

See... so stinkin' blah!

The way I chose my new color pallet was out of necessity. Like I said I am on a very limited budget and needed to reuse things I already own as much as possible. That being said I already had a white shower curtain and some yellow monogrammed towels that weren't being used because they didn't fit into any of our spaces. I decided to add aqua, red and pink to the mix and give it a vintage feel to stay true to my aesthetic. Here are a couple of inspiration pics so you get the idea. I feel like it will blend with our master bedroom quite nicely.


(The inspiration)

So stay tuned next week for updates in the master bath saga...

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  1. Enjoying your blog. Lots of cute ideas and inspiration. I grabbed your button.