Vintage Style Bathroom Inspiration....

I am so excited y'all! Tomorrow morning I am getting three rooms painted... When we moved into our home three years ago this August every single wall in the house was beige. Now don't get me wrong I like a good neutral as much as the next gal but at this point I need some color in my life!

I am turning the upstairs into a boutique of sorts for personal vintage shopping and decided to go with a very, very pale mint green. Since there will be paint left over we decided to go ahead and do the master bathroom in the same color. So ladies, you know what this means... time to pull together a new look for the bathroom on a non existent budget! I know with some new towels and a couple lucky thrifting trips it's going to turn out wonderful.

First thing I did was head over to pinterest and started gathering some much needed inspiration...

sweet roses

Love the light airy feel of this bathroom and although not in the cards a claw foot tub would be nice...


I know this is a kitchen but I love the mismatched but well put together feel of this space.

amazing tile

Seriously...the tile and pink chair... need I say more?

This has to be my fave but there is no way my mister would let me get away with this...a little too girly but I like the colorful aspects of the room, especially the roman shades.

If you have recently re-done your bathroom or have some inspiration leave a link... I would love to take a look.

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. I love the fourth one as well. Our bathroom is "designed" but it's kind of bland :( I want to redo it but there are still so many rooms I need to finish. So at least it is done even though it needs some color.

    -Amber P.

  2. I know exactly what you mean Amber...it's like I've only focused on the shared spaces in our home so our room seems so blah!

  3. Bathrooms are the toughest for me. I never know what to do with them. Ours is awkwardly laid out, too. And I can never bring myself to spend money on somewhere that I spend doing things not all that glamorous if you know what I mean. :)

  4. Wow, inspirational indeed! GOD do I wish I had a clawfoot bathtub! :D

  5. I am so jealous of your redecorating plans! We are apartment living now. I can't wait to have a place we can paint!