Three Ways To Wear It...

Before I begin I just want to say thank you to everyone who has left me such sweet comments and messages, I hope that my story is able to reach others and give them the same sense of hope that I have...

Today I wanted to mix it up a bit. I really enjoy when fashion bloggers show us how to wear one piece in different ways. It's way more practical for most of us and I know some get stuck thinking they can't break up their "outfits". I don't know about you but it's hard to imagine some of the things these other ladies are wearing in our own wardrobes because let's face it... few of us are being sent in c/o items! So everything I am wearing in these outfits are things I have already had in my closet for years. I'll let you know where they were purchased but because of their age it's not something you can go pick up. I just hope this gives you ideas for things you already love too!

The piece that I decided to wear three different ways is my favorite vintage dress that I purchased from Frecklewonder Vintage. It's one of those dresses that just makes me feel happy and pretty as soon as I put it on... I suggest you start with something that makes you feel the same!


Dress: Frecklewonder Vintage (2011)
Skirt: Ebay (2003)
Scarf: Frecklewonder Vintage (2011)
Shoes: MIA via Macy's (2011)

Floral Dress

Dress: Frecklewonder Vintage (2011)
Sweater: JCP (2006)
Scarf: Frecklewonder Vintage (2011)
Heels: Payless Shoes (2007)
Enid Collins Purse: Gift *Thanks Andi!!*
Glasses: Gift *Thanks Michelle*


Dress: Frecklewonder Vintage (2011)
Jacket: GAP (2003)
Brooch: Thrifted (2011)
Clutch: Thrifted (2011)
Scarf: Frecklewonder Vintage (2011)
Boots: Thrifted (2011)

For the sake of simplicity I kept my hair and jewelry the same...so mix it up ladies! One dress three very different ways for three very different looks. Now, go ahead and re-think some of your old favorites in your closet! If you do the same I'd love to see what you come up with so leave a link!


  1. #3 is completely glorious. You've inspired me to bust out my own denim jacket today! <3

  2. Wow! Super cute!I like the jean jacket one the best! What a great find!

  3. this is great. you're great.

    continue keeping your chin up, love.