The Sweetest Gift...Friendship

Sometimes there are things in life orchestrated so perfectly we know it was by God's design. When I think of my friendship with Andrea I know that it's a perfect example of one of those things...

Our husbands have been best buds for the past 18 years and both of us knew they have a friendship that will last forever. That being said I know of many couples where the spouses are long time friends and the wives get along but what a blessing for us that we have more than that. Over the past 7 1/2 years our friendship has grown into one that rivals our husbands and I count it as a blessing to have someone to share life with such as her on the level only we can!




I said all of this to show you all the amazing birthday gift that Andi gave me this year. It is something I will treasure forever for many reasons, they mark a season in our friendship that deals with loss and strength and when you experience those things together the bond gets stronger...

Enid Collins Box Bag

Enid Collins

Enid Collins Libra

I have no clue what it's like to have a sister but I imagine it feels a lot like what we've got... I love you girl... and thank you again for the beautiful gifts...

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