Project ReStyle... Mid-Centruy End Table

I decided I needed a table in front of the sofa in the boutique so when ladies were shopping and waiting on friends they could sit their glasses down or pick up a fashion mag to check out new styles. I didn't want to spend a bunch and I wanted a fixer upper so I headed to the Goodwill on one of their half price Saturdays to see what was available.

I spotted this sweet end table all by it's lonesome and thought it would be the perfect size for the space. I wasn't really interested in a traditional coffee table as it would be too large and be more in the way than anything. The price was right and for $7.50 she came home with me. I initially wanted to do a chevron pattern on the table top in aqua and white but that proved to be WAY more work than I was willing to put in.

After some more thought I decided to go with this lace tutorial I found over on A Beautiful Mess. Again I went to the Goodwill, this time in search of a lace curtain panel to use as my stencil. If you try this yourself {which I highly recommend} then pay careful attention to the pattern of the lace...not all panels are made the same!

I am beyond happy with how this little project turned out. The cute little drawer is perfect for holding the sweet hankies and gloves I have for sale!


  1. So cute and so lady like...love it:)


  2. what a great job--it is really stunning!

  3. Thanks ladies, such an easy upgrade...everytime I see it I just glow!

  4. It looks amazing! You did a fantastic job!

    ♥ sécia

  5. Good lord, that's perfect! You have quite a skill, lady! :D