Project ReStyle...Weathered Pallet to Belt Display

I have been having a difficult time thinking up ways to display accessories in the shop. I want to re-purpose things or thrift display options in lieu of purchasing anything new to keep with my aesthetic. One thing I really couldn't figure out was a belt display...then as I came home from work one day inspiration hit.

We had this old weathered shipping pallet leaning against the fence and I thought, why not build a faux ladder out of the wood? I envisioned a rustic lean-to type thing and told the mister what I was thinking. He very kindly cut all of the wood to the correct size and built me exactly what I wanted.

With a little paint and some fun designs...here it is, and the cost... FREE! We found the pallet, borrowed a skill saw from our neighbor and I already had all of the craft paint. I love the way this turned out... it's pretty and functional!




It's funny how exciting the little things can be, everytime I see this it puts a smile on my face! Now I need one for my personal belt collection...


  1. you've create such a colourful and rustic look - plus i can't believe you have so many belts!!

  2. Thank you Patience...and those belts are not all mine for personal use, they are for sale in my vintage boutique ;) Although, I do borrow one every once and a while!

  3. what an adorable idea!!

    side note: you won the roots & feathers ring giveaway on my blog today :) congrats!! email me at dear.love@live.ca so i can get you in touch with laura!

  4. genious!