She's Like A Rolling Stone...Part Two

So, today I will wrap up the Cookie Louise mini saga. I left off explaining to you all how we named her once she was officially ours {part one}.

All of that being said there have been numerous times that she tried to escape from our home in Houston but to no avail because we had that yard locked down tight! Fast forward six or so years and I am living in Corpus Christi attending college and freshly moved in with my boyfriend. Most of the homes in this area are pier and beam so to prevent critters from getting under ours we had lattice work all around the perimeter.

{Cookie Louise 2007}

We lived parallel to a very busy four lane road so needless to say when my little nomad would break through the lattice and escape my heart would sink for fear of her getting run over. There were a couple of times we had found her across the intersection through the neighborhood and across a different four lane road just truckin’ along like no big deal. Like I said this momma was a rolling stone!

{Cookie Louise 2006}

Since we have moved from our first home to where we now reside we have an awesome fence we thought was on lock….WRONG! This little girl is almost 14 years old, completely blind and mostly deaf and somehow has managed to move bricks and peal back chain link fencing to get out. You would think she has a horrible life with us or something. Just last week we have found her out at the end of our driveway sniffing around by the grace of God. So the Mister and I decided that from now on if she is going to be outside she has to be tethered to a spike in the yard for her safety and our sanity!

{Cookie Louise 2008}

Let me tell you Cookie is NOT happy! Why is it that she always wants to get out and explore? I believe it’s just in her DNA, I call her my little “Travelin’ Band”… seriously she is always so tickled with herself when we get her back, smiling ear to ear the way Bostons do!

That concludes my little story on Cookie Louise and how she came into my life and the way I plan to keep it that way. I hope you all enjoyed and if you have any similar experiences or ideas please let me know!!

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  1. What a cutie! And an escape artist at that lol :)