In The Coming Year...

Today in honor of my 28th birthday on October 1st I wanted to share with you my 28 things before 29 list. Some of these things I would like to accomplish over the course of the next year and some are going to take monthly work, so without further adeu...

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1. Open Cookie Louise Vintage
2. Learn to knit or crochet
3. Start trying to have a baby
4. Only work part time at the office
5. Read a book a month
6. Take the food canteen out five times a month regularly
7. Take a real vacation
8. Re-finish the buffet for the craft room
9. Re-organize the craft room and get it more functional
10. Take ballet classes
11. Go on a road trip with the girls
12. Work on stocking the etsy shop for real
13. Go see some live music
14. Visit an amusement park
15. Spend more time with family in Houston
16. Read my bible more
17. Spend more time in prayer
18. Go hunting
19. Go fishing more
20. Have a campout
21. Have a dinner party once a month
22. Take a thrifting trip out of town
23. Get my star tattoo covered up
24. Acquire health insurance
25. Take a sewing class
26. Get my vintage sewing machine in working order
27. Paint the master bedroom and bathroom
28. Love more


  1. Happy Birthday! and may all your list come true!

  2. Love it love it. I hope you have the most incredible birthday ever tomorrow! You absolutely deserve it, and I love your guts. All the best to you!

  3. A baby! Good luck and Happy Birthday!

    ♥ sécia

  4. these are all great goals. having a baby- that's a big one!
    i'd like to take a thrifting trip out of town too.

  5. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and yes hopefully a baby Griffith is on the horizon soon! Every year we say next year so maybe this one is it!!