She's Like A Rolling Stone...Part One

Can I share a story with you all? I know some prefer fewer words and more pictures but today I make an exception...

This is a little story about my littlest love Cookie Louise. I acquired little miss Cookie in 1998 on Christmas Eve to be exact at the ripe age of 1. I say acquired because I wasn't the one who actually found her my aunt who lived across the street did while on her daily walk. This was nothing new for my aunt...she was constantly rescuing strays. This little lady was special though and destined to steal my heart. My aunt called and asked if I would like to come see the cute little dog she had found and of course I went right over. Be still my heart I remember falling in love instantly! She was covered in fleas so I gave her a bath and soon began plotting on how I could keep this little girl in my life. At the time I lived with my grandparents and we weren't even allowed to have a fish so I wasn't sure how I would convince them to let me have a dog let alone one of the inside variety...

One thing I was sure of though was my Paw Paw's love for bulldogs and pugs, basically anything with a smooshed up face. Little Cookie was pretty close to those breeds so after a good drying I carried her across the street and took my chances. At the time Paw Paw was sitting outside in his usual spot taking in the neighborhood so there was no time to prep, it was all or nothing! As soon as he saw her I'm positive his heart melted as well... I told him about how Aunt Cindy found her and how she didn't have a collar or tags and began to plead. He played and cuddled her a while and told me I'd have to ask my mom. Strange request coming from the man of the house but nevertheless I went inside to beg my mom.

She was napping in her room and for whatever reason I thought the best way to present the pup was to just place her in bed with my sleeping mother. Well thank the Lord she's a dog person because she just laughed in disbelief and answered as long as Mee Maw and Paw Paw were ok with it so was she. Convincing my Mee Maw was the hard part but being the good Christian wife she was whatever Paw Paw said went and he was on my side!

At that time knowing that she was a full breed we figured someone had to be looking for her so we canvased the neighborhood with signs stating we had found a pup. Lo and behold a few signs later Paw Paw was stopped by a man who said the dog belonged to his mother and that she was such an escape artist. I guess Paw Paw explained to him that we had planed on keeping her if no owners were found and the man simply asked if we wanted to keep her. WHAT?! He went on to explain that she was one of two Bostons that had been purchased for his mother and that her name was Secret and that they just couldn't keep up with her always getting out.

Paw Paw told him that we would love to add her to our family and offered him $50.00 for her since she was so young and it was Christmas Eve after all. That was the night that Secret became a Nichols but not without a name change. All day I was trying to think of something creative to name the pup and I kept thinking of how she looked like an Oreo cookie and thought Oreo was just to obvious and not near girly enough so Cookie she became!

Over time I added the Louise after my Mee Maw's closest sister and it's totally fit her attitude a lot sweet like an Oreo and a little sassy like Great Aunt Louise!

{photo circa 2004}

Monday I'll be back with part two... so stay tuned!

loves- Cookie Lousie

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  1. She is so cute!!! And the pic is EXACTLY how I remember you!! :)