What I Learned From My Grandmother...

Today would mark my sweet grandmother's 88th birthday if she were still with us today. In honor of this joyous occasion I would like to share a few things my dearest Mee Maw taught me...

1. Love the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul and serve Him wholeheartedly!
One thing that everyone would agree with that knew Bertha Nichols was that she loved Jesus and lived to serve Him. No matter if that looked like sitting at the bedside of sick friends or making a wonderful home cooked meal for her family she did it with a happy heart. She knew where her real treasure was and that she would be insurmountably blessed in Heaven.

{circa 1924 or 1925}

2. Family first!
She always put us before herself, again her love language was serving others and being around her you knew how much she loved and valued you. I don't know how many countless times she took my mother, brother and myself in when we had no where to go or how many sacrifices she made but I am sure glad she did. She allowed me to see what a mother looks like and what extent she will go to in order for her children to thrive. Most of my ideas on the household come from her and while they are considered "old school" I cherish the character it built in me.

{circa 1929 or 1930}

3. Save and make due with what you've got!
My Mee Maw was a saver, I equate this with growing up as a farm girl during the Great Depression and later in life being a SAHM to three children. All of our clothes including hers were handmade because she felt that she produced higher quality for lower prices {which in fact I'm sure she did}. If they couldn't pay cash for something that ment they couldn't afford it. No credit cards here... and by golly if it is that important save for it. I still have a hard time with this one but I'm glad it's always in the back of my mind... I know there have been times it's saved me from bad financial decisions.

{circa 1943-1944}

4. Reading is important!
When I was little and staying with my grandparents we had a daily routine of lunch at 11 then a story followed by a nap until around three in the afternoon. During the mornings we would go to the local library where she allowed us to check out as many books as our hearts desired weekly. I would spend a lot of free time those summers lying on the floor or out in the yard with many great books. I was always so proud to tell her how many I had read or practice my reading for her. Reading Rainbow was a must watch in the afternoon and I can't even explain how badly I wanted to be on that show discussing a book I had read!

{circa 1940's}

5. Always behave like a lady and dress modestly!

Honestly, I haven't always taken this advise but the older I get the more I appreciate it. Crossing our legs, having nice table manners, dabbing a little perfume behind your ear and leaving a little to the male imagination are all important to a real southern lady. Being strong but soft at the same time, respecting your husband even if you don't agree, having strong arms to pick your family up when they fall and being a soft place to land when they do... characteristics of a real lady.

Really I could go on and at some point maybe I'll share a little more... Happy Birthday dearest Mee Maw and most of all thank you!

love- your Nina girl


  1. this is probably the sweetest post ever written!

    and i am in love with the old photos :)

  2. Thank you Susanne, it's so easy to write about those you love and admire!

  3. Happy Birthday, Grandma. I'm sure she's smiling down on you.

    ♥ sécia

  4. what a wonderful post! thank you so much for sharing her wisdom.


  5. You did a great job in expressing how MeeMaw was to us all. Thank you so much for posting your love. She is proud of you...