Recipe Love... Doughnut Cake

I am so excited to pass this amazing recipe along to you guys. Last week during my regualr blog reading I came across a new post from Emma over at Food Coma. She hosted a doughnut themed shower for her brother and future SIL and the feature dessert was a donut cake.

It looked so yum that I had to test it out for the football game yesterday afternoon, let me tell you it doesn't disappoint!


The cake recipe is from Emma herself and the chocolate glaze is from Alton Brown of Food Network fame. Don't let the steps scare you... it was easy peasy and bragging rights on making food from scratch always trump fear!


Seriously head over to Food Coma and print this recipe as soon as humanly possible... it was a nice treat this morning with my coffee, just sayin'!

loves- Cookie Louise

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  1. YUM.

    ♥ sécia