Love Is...

In case you didn't see it last week I guest posted over on a friends blog about what love is to me... I hope you enjoy!

Love Is… Feeding The Need

My husband and I lead the food truck outreach ministry at our church which we lovingly call “Feed the Need”. Once a month we work with the Salvation Army and take their canteen truck out to local shelters to feed the homeless. Not only do we provide those in need with a warm meal but clothing and hygiene products as well.

Needless to say it is a very eye opening experience every time and we feel so honored to be just a little part of what God is doing in our city. Even though our program may seem as though the goal is feeding the homeless it really isn't about that at all. We want to offer these people something eternal and feed their souls with the bread of life. Not just telling people about Jesus and His love for us but actually showing them that love…openly. We model this love by praying with the hurting and just doing life together. Something I always remind myself when I am out there is that if not for the grace of the Lord there go I.



Over time God has totally changed my heart for the people of this city and it swells for them and the love they deserve. I’m sure that most days these children of God are shooed away and told to get lost and that is where the love comes in. To reach out with open arms and welcome them into a love so big we can’t bear to keep it to ourselves! Find a need and fill it…that’s what love is to me.

loves- Cookie Louise

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