What I Wore... Recessionista

Ladies I think I have mentioned here before I am a sale shopper. Chalk it up to a childhood of having very little and a grandmother who made most of my clothing. When she would take us to the store to {gasp} buy clothes well, they better be on sale.

Today here is a little outfit I threw together for under $25.00!
ressionista outfit


Camp Shirt: Vintage {free: my mother's when she was preggers w/me}
Chambray Dress: Loft/ Thrifted {4.80}
Belt: Thrifted {1.99}
Woven Purse: Vintage/ Estate Sale {3.00}
Clogs: Target {12.24}

Total: {22.03}

Ideally I wouldn't wear the camp shirt with the dress however I wanted to wear it to the office so I had to cover my bare shoulders. A cute story about the camp shirt is that it belonged to my mother when she was in her early 20's. When she found out she was having a girl and going to name me Christina she kept it for me... the little white tag on the left hand pocket has the brand name "Cristina's" sewn on it! Sure the spelling is one letter different but how neat is that?

Thrifting tip: Keep up on the newest trends... you can totally still find in season clothing or vintage styles that are making their way back! I saw the chambray and knew it was on trend thanks to the style blogs I follow!!

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. you are too cute...dig your hair, and the outfit of course.

  2. I love that dress! I don't think I have ever bought anything that wasn't on sale. It just feels wrong!

  3. Um, I am totally digging your hair!! Love the outfit too. Found you on twitter & you better believe you have a new follower!

    Moe @ est 1839