What I Wore... 60's Chic

Over the past week or so I have really been working on getting the vintage boutique "finished". Until Monday it was basically an empty bedroom with a rack of clothes hanging haphazardly in it. Last night that all changed when my husband and a couple of our friends came over and moved the vintage couch I scored a couple of months ago up there. Ladies need a place to sit while they shop right?

So today, I bring you an outfit post, a peek at the newly painted room, my wonderful vintage couch and a peek at the bathroom inspiration all in one!

I found this wonderful little dress at the thrifts a while back and given the style dated it to the late 50's early 60's. However, there was no maker label and the edges were not finished so the possibility that it was handmade in the 80's loomed.

That was until after a good washing I discovered the union made label...huzzah! That along with the fact there is no serging to be found verified my suspicions...triumph!!


60s wiggle dress

vintage gingham

Headband: J Crew
Earrings: ??
Necklace: Family
Dress: Vintage
Belt: Target 07'

Yes, I am barefoot....you'll deal. I hate walking upstairs in shoes and well it's my house I don't have to wear shoes to take an outfit post if I don't wanna so there's always that...

On to my wonderful couch! Doesn't it make all your little vintage lovin' hearts squeal with delight? Next to my newly painted gray walls I love it even more, and don't even get me started on those pillows...seriously! And...and the best part... it's a pull out... so underneath is a mattress all gussied up in vintage sheet wonderfulness!!!

70s couch

vintage couch

After all that excitement I leave you with a pic of the vintage shower curtain I scored at a rummage sale for ten cents... eat your heart out ;)

70s shower curtain

loves- Cookie Louise

PS: My friend IRL is looking for testimonies of healing for a project she is doing on her blog...so if you have one and would like to share here is the link!http://carriecuriel.blogspot.com/2011/08/i-need-you.html


  1. thanks for the shout-out! :-)

  2. You look fabulous and I LOVE that couch!

    ♥ sécia

  3. gorgeoooooous. all of it. the dress, you, the couch...so much vintage goodness in one post!

  4. The couch is faboo...and the shower curtain indeed to die for!

  5. I am so jealous!! I really love it....that yellow..oh golly :)

    Moe @ est. 1839

  6. I am interesting in the couch if your saling it please let me know.. reeses1339@gmail.com