Estate Sale Crazies...

I get it, you have a booth at some local antique shop. You know all of the people who run the local sales on a first name basis and you wake up at a insane time to assure your spot in line. You my friend are estate sale royalty...being in line for a sale is like walking into Cheers for you...it's where everyone knows your name and you feel important.

Well guess what? I'm new on the scene and frankly you make this seem like an awful thing to do when in fact I love it! You make me have anxiety the night before and the morning of... "I'm I getting there early enough?" "Will there be anything left for me?" are the thoughts racing through my mind...

You see I am trying to start a business and I'm not in it solely for the money. I don't want your high priced crystal or silver and you are more than welcome to all of the furniture. I just want vintage clothes and maybe a piece or two to hang on my walls. I want women to come to my home based boutique and be made to feel like a million and one bucks wearing a one of a kind frock from what ever decade suits them best.

I want to minister to these women...share life, worries and accomplishments with them. I want them to leave my place with the feeling like beautiful, strong, most precious daughters of the most high God. I want them to feel as He sees them...perfect in His sight! You see it's about dreams...it's about serving the Lord by serving others. It's about living the life He has called me to by using the gifts He chose to bestow on me...



So please...be nice! Even if you have to fake it...these are peoples cherished items you are picking up...treat it with respect. Someone once loved these things and hopefully soon someone new will too. I don't take this lightly and I know at the appropriate time God will show me favor and will just as He already has make sure all my needs are fulfilled no matter if I am first in line or dead last on the second day of the sale. In the mean time just try one thing for me...smile, be friendly and say hi!

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. I saw that there is an estate sale this weekend :) You going?

  2. Great post. You are a sweetheart.

    ♥ sécia

  3. LOVE that Hinckley quote! And LOVED your post too! You're gonna do great things with this "business," which is more "mission" or "calling." XO