A Bridal Shower...

At last Saturday came and it was time for a bridal shower. I had been looking forward to putting all of my ideas in motion for the past two weeks and the day was here to see it all laid out. You know how you try and explain your ideas to people and they just give you that "huh?" look...then they actually see what's in your brain come to fruition and they're all like "ohhh!". Did any of that make sense? That's just kind of how I feel all of the time so to say I was proud of my shower decor would be an understatement!

Enough about me though...here is a photo dump of the big day...


well wishes

book page flowers

mothers corsages


moss initials

apron for the bride

This is what I was making...an apron for the bride!

table decor

cupcake station

Cupcake decor station

Our activitiy was decorating cupcakes... so much fun!

lollpop bouquet

vintage napkins

syrup fountain

We served a full breakfast with french toast sticks, biscuts and gravy, sausage, fruit and a syrup fountain!


toilet paper dresses

We made wedding dresses out of toilet paper...


Opened lots of presents!


and prayed over Aubri and Tylers marriage...

mel and i

decorating cupcakes


kika and i

mothers and bride

matron of honor and bride

silly kika

the girls

birdie cupcake

There was so much love and friendship, it was an amazing morning!

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. First off, you are too cute!! Love your style! This has to be one of the cutest bridal showers I've ever seen. I love the syrup fountain! Didn't know you could put something other than chocolate in there! And the cupcake station is divine! Awesome job on the apron! I'm obsessed with cute aprons!

  2. it was a gorgeous shower! yall did a great job!

  3. Thanks Joanna, you are too sweet! FYI, you can also put BBQ sauce or ranch in the fountain...so many possibilites!

  4. AAAAAHAHAHAHAHA Kik and the bear. pfaaahaha lol

  5. What an awesome shower! Love the tp wedding dresses. You did such an amazing job.

    ♥ sécia

  6. As the soon to be bride I was so honored to have Christina be such a huge part of such a special day! Thanks for all of your creative ideas and showers of blessings you helped design. You did an awesome job and made this Bride-to-be feel Oh so special!

    P.S. Tyler loved all the new stuff hanging in my apartment, cupcakes, fun gifts, and extra food. Most of all he loved that there was just a much spiritual thought as artsy design!! Your one God fearing woman and it shows through in EVERY area!!

    Love you!

  7. I love you too Aubs...it was so easy to gather inspiration from your personalites and love of Jesus. I hope you know just how special you and your relationship with Tyler is...and it shows in every area of your life!

  8. Love a good bridal shower, especially one with cupcakes and breakfast foods. Your apron looks great!

  9. Wow, how beautiful and creative and awesome! I must admit, being newly engaged, this whole post seems particularly inspiring! :D