I have had some pretty good luck at the thrifts these past few weeks if I don't say so myself. I haven't been very good about sharing my scores with you so here's a little look at just a couple of the things I picked up.

I found this old quilt at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago. I have been looking for quite some time but haven't wanted to spend more than twenty or thirty bucks on one and if you've ever shopped for quilts you know that is very hard to come by. It needs a little mending and is super soft, I was almost too scared to ask how much but when the lady asked if I could do $10 I eagerly said yes!


The vintage suitcase was found at the Goodwill a couple of weeks ago as well. I usually hit up the Friday before half price Saturday because they fill the sale floor to the brim in anticipation of huge sales. Yes, I end up paying full price but I get first chance at little treasures such as this for only $6.00!


The crewel piece I found this past Saturday at Goodwill on half off Saturday. It is in mint condition no discoloration, smell ect... I love the detail in the girls dresses and God willing if I ever have a daughter this will be perfect for her nursery!


Did anyone else find anything good this week thrifting? I would love to hear about it...

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. well done on that amazing quilt! there is something about the way they keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. store bought just doesn't come close.


  2. In absolute love with ALL of it. So amazing!

  3. I LOVE that suitcase! Seriously those colors together make me giddy!

  4. That suitcase was a fantastic find! It's so hard to find patterned vintage luggage in the thrifts, I think. The crewel piece is super sweet!

  5. Thanks mucho ladies! The suitcase has never been used and still has the keys attached inside...I DIE!