What I Wore...

Sorry for the silence yesterday...our internet was down all day. I did however wind up reading half of a book during the down time!

As I left the house yesterday the Mister gave me a kiss goodbye and called me his "beautiful bohemian"...so sweet! I was equally as shocked that he even knew what that was let alone could distinguish that was the style I was wearing for the day...kudos Ryan.


Turban: Gifted (from The Monocled Lop...opens Monday!)
Dress: Thrifted
Tank: Gap
Necklace: Vintage
Sandals: Payless (years ago)

vintage necklace

I really loved the fit of this maxi I felt so light and feminine. Seriously, wearing a maxi to the office is a lot like getting away with wearing your pjs to work...winning!

loves- Cookie Louise

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  1. New follower here! Loving your blog...it makes my eyes very happy...and that's a good thing! :p That maxi is just so darn cute. I wish my vertically challenged self could rock maxi's but it just isn't meant to be. You look fabulous!