Off To A Good Start...

Today has been pretty awesome already and it's only 9AM! It's partly because the awesomeness has rolled over from yesterday...if you follow me on twitter then you know I scored an amazing vintage couch and my serger was delivered yesterday...double score!

I saw the couch at the local Salvation Army last Saturday and couldn't stop thinking about it all week. Yesterday I had enough and went to go purchase the durn thing... as we pulled up I kid you not they were shutting off their lights. Little did they know that wouldn't deter me! I ran in and asked if they still had the couch that had been sitting out front and the girl said if it wasn't there then no...and my heart sank! Just at that time a man was walking up from the back and took us around the side of the store and there she was...happy dance!

I went in, paid the $15.00...yes ONLY $15.00 and Ryan loaded her up. As I came around back the man had told me they were going to throw it away and I could have had it for FREE....dang! It's all for a good cause so no worries...but free I couldn't believe it!

vintage sofa

vintage sofa

vintage sofa

An added bonus is that it's a sleeper so now we will have somewhere for guests to lay their little noggins after a good cleaning and new mattress of course!

I just love the yellow and green and that the pattern isn't too loud...can anyone place the decade of this thing... I'm not too sure...

Not only has that made my day but my haul before work this morning at a garage sale and estate sale starts the day off right!

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. I LOVE THIS!!! What a find.

    ♥ sécia

  2. oh my goodness....IT IS INCREDIBLE!!!!! Ahhh...I'm so so wildly jealous. It is just perfect. :)

  3. Thanks ladies it's just perfect!I couldn't believe the amazing condition it's in...

  4. WOW... you saved that beauty! I can't believe how people could not see it! LOVE it, Christina! :)

  5. WOW!!!! You rock girl.....

    Love the couch

  6. OMG!

    Ok, so a few things:

    1.) I think you were in my Jr. League New Member Class last year. (?) I found you in a round-about way, paroosing crafty/vintage lovers' blogs.

    2.) Referring to #1, if so, it's a small world.

    3.) I so want this couch. Not for guests, but to cut up and make a purse. Ever heard of Cahoots Handbags - I want to make my own.

    4.) And the couch was FREE dollars? Wow. I'm jealous.



  7. Erin,

    1) Yes! So random you found my little blog, welcome!

    2) It really is ;)

    3) I looked up the handbags and they are wonderul...in LOVE! Please make some, I would totally be one of your customers!

    4) I know! My crafty space is very 70's kitchy so it's just perfect...if I decide it doesn't work in the space and get rid of it I will let you know!