Grow or Cut...Help I Can't Decide!

I need your help. I am pretty indecisive right now when it comes to cutting my hair. You see I have pretty much always had long hair and before our wedding a couple of years ago I decided that on our honeymoon I would chop it all off...like pixie short...and I did. So for the past two years I have rocked super short hair and loved it. However, seeing all of the beautiful messy wavy braids makes me miss my long hair so much.

engagement 2008

Here's where you come in... I need your help in weather I keep growing or chop it all off again. Needless to say I am pretty over it and frankly am sick of messing with it. My hair is super baby fine and thin if you notice the chopped off pony and how little it was... that's why I'm thinking of going back to short hair it gives me more oomph.


Long hair styles that I am drooling over...

messy bun


If I get it cut, I'm going with this...(I have a total girl crush)

ginnifer goodwin

faux hawk

So tell me...what should I do?

current hair

loves- Cookie Lousie


  1. Grow it! That picture of you with long hair is BEAUTIFUL! Of course, the pic of short hair is also beautiful. But I vote grow just so you can do braids. Worth it!

  2. I'm shocked so many people say grow! I thought I had made up my mind to cut but now I'm so confused!

  3. I love short hair but then I always want to do awesome things with it and feel limited. Mine is super long and whenever I cut it off I find myself growing it out again. It will always grow back... I say chop it!

    ♥ sécia

  4. I always have this same debate... Every time my hair gets some length I start to drool over the nice clean short hair cuts.... Short hair has its moments of easiness... I say short hair is fun! Cut it! :)