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Hello lovelies, I hope you are ready for a wonderful tutorial from one of my most favorite blog ladies...the amazing Miss Charile!

Daisy Headband DIY

Hey everyone my name is Charlie from the blog Polka Dots are Love. Christina asked me to share a fun DIY with you all for her bloggerversary and this is what I came up with!

What you need:

Needle & Thread in coordinating colors
Thicker paper to make a stencil (I always use cereal boxes)
Pattern (http://tdiz.net/polkadotsarelove/flower_pattern_06_24_11.pdf)
Elastic Headband or Grosgrain Ribbon

1. Trace the pattern on to thicker paper.

2. Cut out all of your flowers I cut out 12, enough to make 4 flowers stacked 3 high.


3. Arrange flowers so that all petals are visible from the top. Lay out your buttons to make sure you like the look. (The buttons don’t have to match… have fun with it!).


4. Sew flowers together with buttons. Before I sew on the button, I like to sew an X in the center of the flower. This pulls it all together and makes sure nothing shifts while sewing on the button.


5. Once they’re all sewn together, take your elastic headband or ribbon and attach your flowers.

- If you are using ribbon, make sure you have enough to tie a bow in the back and that your flowers are centered.
- If you do not want to attach the flowers directly to the elastic headband, please check this tutorial on how to make them free moving!

Once your flowers are all attached, you are all done! Enjoy your new headband/crown!!!

finished flower crown

I hope you enjoy!


Is this not the cutest thing ever... I can't wait to get started making one myself! Thank you so much Charlie for taking the time to put this together for us. If you haven't already go check out Charlie's blog where she shares tutorials like the one you just saw, doodles, music and my fave her thrifty scores!

loves- Cookie Louise

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  1. I can already see you wearing one of these lovely bands. So simple to make. Wish I was young enough to wear.