Guest Post...A is for Ampersand

I think at this point the lovely Miss Amy needs no introduction she is pretty much blog royalty and lets face it...everyone loves her! She was sweet enough to share something with us so take a look...

Hello there, Cookie Louise Pleaze readers! I'm Amy from A is for Ampersand, and I couldn't be more thrilled to be here celebrating here with Christina on her big blog anniversary! I am a huge fan of Christina and always enjoy her insanely pretty vintage outfit posts and inspirational words. She's pretty much a gem, and I'm supa excited to be here.

Over at A is for Ampersand I like to provide my readers with some always free and always fun blog clipart. As a graphic designer by day and a blogger by night, I like to keep my creativity fresh by providing free clipart, so today I thought I'd make some fun party-esque clipart in honor of Christina's big day!

You can use these fancy little elements to spruce up a blog post or even make some fun invitations for a party of your own. Click here to download a zipped file of individual .pngs to use however you see fit!

If you're interested in getting some more free clipart, click here! And if you're wondering just how exactly to use this crazy clipart, click here for a tutorial on how to use a free web app called Fotoflexer that makes it easy!

I hope you enjoy the clipart and use it to party it up. Besides free clipart, I've always got all kinds of crazy vintage, thrifting, cat lady madness and/or goodness going on over at A is for Ampersand. I've also got a very exciting new shop opening up on July 18 called the Monocled Lop. We'll be selling all kinds of goodness, including pretty prints, necklaces, camera bags, and more, so stay tuned!

Thanks to the ever lovely Christina for inviting me to her party today, and it was lovely to meet all of you! Have fun with the clipart!

Thank you Amy for taking time away from The Lop to share these awesome blog pretties over here at CLP!

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. Love these and love Amy!

    ♥ sécia