Happy Bloggerversary!!!

Welcome to the Bloggerversary party everyone! I hope you are ready for a day filled with tutorials, recipes, fashion, clip art and one big GIVEAWAY...

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Wow, I can't believe I have been blogging here for a whole year...it's crazy how when you reach your mid twenties time literally flies by! When I began this blog I intended on keeping it only for the business aspect of Cookie Louise Pleaze but quickly ditched that idea to post about everyday life for a gal like me....

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I try not to take my writing to seriously and I know my sentence structure sucks sometimes and no I can't spell to save my life and yes I made good grades and graduated college but that's not what's important. What is important is that I share my life and who I am good and bad here on my blog. I'm a bit impulsive and that is probably why I write the way I do... I just need to get it out and press post way before I should!

I just wanted to take today to explain why I post about the things I do...

Vintage/Thrifted things:

I have been doing this since high school. It was something my mother and I loved doing together and still do to this day. She shares the same love for things with a story that I do, we appreciate the way life used to be and the solitude that comes with combing through racks and isles of discarded goods.

Fashion Posts:

I am a sale shopper, I was raised that way! I like to show others that you don't have to spend a fortune to look and feel like a million bucks. Sometimes it takes looking through the eyes of someone else to see the potential in what you already have in your closet and it doesn't hurt to know when you wear vintage you are most likely the only one who still owns it.


I love Jesus plain and simple and love to share the joy He gives me with others...sometimes that joy comes through sorrow but where you are growing and being stretched is a good place to be. If I can lead others to Christ or to live a better life here that would be amazing...

Shop Talk:

Well duh...so you can see what lovely things I am up to and have to share with you...


I hope for this space to be a personal journal so one day when I am a wee old lady my grandchildren can read about how things "used" to be and what their little grandmother was up to. I want to look back and remember the little things like dinners with Ryan and lunch dates with girlfriends and see a long rich history...

Thank you friends for reading my daily thoughts, loves, hurts, pains and living life with me. I truly enjoy the community aspect of blogging so drop me a line and lets be friends!

Here's to the future...

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Stay tuned all day for guest posts from wonderful bloging ladies, a what I wore post and the finally...a GIVEAWAY!

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. I love you with all my heart and it is a joy to share your life with all that is in it. You know I love the times we thrift, craft, serve to those who are in need through our outreach ministry, dinners and just hanging out.

    Love PamCakes

  2. Hey, my BAFstudent cohort! We've come a long way together and I've loved every single minute. A big thanks to you and Ryan for loving and leading my daughters. I am a fashion disaster (as you know), and furthermore, don't even care very much - so I'm trying to learn from you. I should be your next Project Restyle! Thanks for sharing your life with me as we serve Christ together. It's been an awesome ride so far...can't wait for what's to come! Love, Donna