Meet Henrietta Kitty...

I know... I'm late to the whole I'm a blogger and I love cats game...for shame. The thing is the Mister and I never thought we would own a cat let alone two...we were dog kind of people ya know? It takes a special person to love something that might never show you the same love back! Well after two years of owning kitties we couldn't imagine our family without the littles.

Today, I bring you 1/2 of our little twosome Henrietta... she was named after Ryan's grandmother Maxine Henrietta. Fun fact... Ryan's GG had a twin brother named Max Henry, I LOVE that!


When she was little Henrietta would nurse on our boxer Roxi and was quite the little lover. My how things have changed...she can't stand to be held but when she is ready will still come curl up on the couch with you. I'm still trying to get used to the idea that the lovin' is on her time not mine.

baby henri

baby henri 2

sister love

I just love her markings...the orange spot on her side is in the shape of a heart!


henri kisses

I might not be a full fledged cat lady just yet but I love this little sugar booger!

henrietta 2

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. oh my...those kitty pictures. As a confirmed full-time cat lady, I am in love with your little Henrietta. Cats are so finnicky. I had reservations about cats, too, but Royal turned out to be 100% like a dog. He plays fetch and constantly cuddles. Except for in the morning. He's not a morning cat. So funny how different cats are!

  2. Little kittens and BIG dogs are hilarious together. So cute!

    ♥ sécia

  3. She's adorable! :) I'm your newest follower!