BAF Student Camp 2011...Part Two

The last day of camp...you are so excited to go home yet so sad that the week is over. It has been a tough few days, I really miss my girls. My heart is so excited for them and their new adventures in college that lay before them. I am reminded so much of myself nine years ago about to begin the same journey yet in a much different place in my life. They are in good hands, hands that will always be there to catch them and guide them and love them more than they can even imagine.

mel and i

kika_student camp

the griffiths

presley & mel

Hopefully something I said or that God lays on their hearts will keep them drawn closely to Him. My biggest fear is that they will make the same mistakes I did...I guess I am learning what it feels like to be a parent...you just want what is best for your kids. It's heart breaking to send them out into the world to make their own choices...it's something you just have to do. Let them live their lives so they have stories and testimonies of their own....

camp shirts

my small group

small group 2011

tm girls

I love you girls and will always be here for you to talk to, cry with and live life...

linds & i

my Goddaughter

alexis & i

sweet girls

loves- Cookie Louise

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  1. What a blessing you surely are in the lives of these girls!