Now You're Speaking My Language...

A couple of weeks ago I finally finished reading "The Five Love Languages" and was excited to find out what Ryan's and my own languages are so we can learn to love each other better. My love language by a long shot is Receiving Gifts...

I know it might sound crazy or narcissistic but when someone gives me something I really feel loved... and in return that's most often the way I show love back.

That being said the Mister and I have been discussing these languages and Tuesday to my surprise look what showed up at my office...


beautiful flowers

Just beacuse flowers...the best kind...I really feel loved and excited when I get to work and remember the sweet gesture!

from Ryan

so pretty

Eat your heart out ladies, my husband is the sweetest!

loves- Cookie Louise

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  1. That's totally my love language too!...well one of them...apparently I'm multilingual...