Monday Childhood Loves...

So I think I'm going to start a new feature where I reminisce on some of my fondest childhood memories and toys...what do ya think? I still have a lot of my childhood toys that I am saving for a future little one so why not feature them. They are vintage now anyway...scary!

When I was in Kindergarten around six years old I LOVED my Fashion Plates!

I remember very clearly attending a birthday party of a classmate and her receiving Fashion Plates and I was mesmerized...thankfully my mom grew tired of me talking about them and gifted me with some of my very own!

I was very matchy matchy at the time and don't really recall mixing it up too much... if it looked as though it were supposed to go together that's where I put it. I had the Barbie version with her classic HUGE Barbie 90's hair, oh how I loved that toy. Instead of coloring the outfits I remember creating the same rub over and over again to see how perfect I could get the outline...can we say OCD much?

Did you have Fashion Plates? If so what kind of memories do you hold of this treasure??

loves- Cookie Louise

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  1. Oh my, these were my absolute favorite toys growing up. SO fun! I would love to play with these again.