Project ReStyle...

Remember last week when I showed you this project in the works?

Well look how handsome he is with a fresh coat of paint! I told the Mister that there was a taqueria around here that was mighty jealous of my little rooster friend...

See the little owl there on the right with his fresh coat of paint? It certainly is AMAZING what a little spray paint can do for something unwanted at the thrift store, ahh new life for a once loved piece...

I can't wait to find a little desk for this nook in my studio...soon I will be wrapping orders and blogging right here under my most favorite collection!

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. ooh it's just glorious! I am in love with your collection. Absolutely in love. I can never find things like that in our thrift stores here. I've found 2, but that's it in all my thrifty adventures. I refuse to give up hope!!!

  2. Wow. I love your collection! What a great {vintage-y} space.