Cute As A Button...

So last Saturday I was honored to help host a baby shower for two of my awesome co-leaders in our student ministry at church. Since Andrea was having a surprise and not finding out the sex of her baby we decided to go with the "cute as a button" theme.

I decorated with vintage glassware from my mee-maw and Ryan's GG and was able to put my doily collection to good use!

I made barrettes out of my vintage button collection for the ladies to wear and take from each other if they were caught saying "baby". I was one of the ones caught in my own silly game, some of our friends are relentless!

For the mamas I made sweet vintage button corsages that they could put in their baby books at the end of the day.

Aren't they presh?

I decided to put the chocolate fountain to good use and set up the dipping goodies on some new, some vintage servers and some thrifted and made but using vintage plates and crystal candlestick holders...

I know it's hard to see but one of the mamas is vegetarian so I made "with bacon" and "without bacon" signs for the dip...they were a hit!

Cute as a button hand embroidered onesies by Cookie Louise Pleaze

(please send me a message if you are interested in a custom order)

Sweet friends and mamas to be getting ready for the best part prezzies!

It was a wonderful afternoon shared with some of the best women in the world. It was an honor to be able to serve them on their special day because both of these lovelies have servants hearts dedicated to serving the Lord and showing students His love.

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. What a fun shower. I just love your doily collection. I just made a runner out of my collection last weekend. I've linked it here if you're interested in taking a look. Vintage is so lovely and fun. :)


    ♥ sécia
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  2. I love that you made little food signs - I'm such a sucker for the details!