Monday Childhood Loves...

My bigwheel, like loved so much I kept riding it well after all of the stickers had worn off, the basket had been lost and maybe until I was 10 years old. (don't judge me!)

This was EXACTLY what my bigwheel looked like...complete with basket for taking my sweet cabbage patch kid along for the ride.

(is the little girl inside you jealous? well she should be *wink*)

Do you remember how awful the traction was on these things? Trying to get started on your journey two driveways over and just spinning out four or five times going no where. Then the neighbor kids come whizzing by on their POWER WHEELS making your four year old self feel so LAME!

Whatever, I loved my cabbage patch kid bigwheel anyway...lazies with their motorized toys...probably could have used the workout a bigwheel brought.

Ok, I'm gonna get off my high horse now.

I need to go look for some pics of me and my second set of wheels... I hope I have a few. Did you have a bigwheel? If so what kind of theme did it have? I vaguely remember there were all kinds, barbie, transformers, ect...

loves- Cookie Louise

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  1. Bigwheel! I remember those. Too funny!

    ♥ sécia