A New Leaf...

A couple of weeks ago my pastor said in his sermon that we can change anything in six weeks or forty days he then pointed to different scripture to reference changes in that amount of time in the Bible. I had been thinking about certain changes I had been wanting to make in my life and those words were just the motivation I needed!

So, what changes are those you ask? Well, my fitness routine or lack thereof to be more exact. Before my wedding two years ago I would go to the gym four days a week every week for over a year. The thing motivating me at the time was obviously the way I looked in my wedding dress. Now, the only motivation I have which btdub should be enough is the fact that I want to get preggers and be in the best shape possible pre baby.

Back to the main point... anything can change in six weeks, ANYTHING! So that being said today is day three that I have been up before work running the Couch to 5K podcast. Needless to say I am pretty excited that I have made it three days with no excuses!


Lucky for me I live a couple of blocks from the bayfront and get to run with beautiful views like above...What do you want to change in six weeks?
loves- Cookie Louise

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  1. Good for you! Running really can be so therapeutic. I made a similar goal last year to get real about exercise and learn to do it for health and feeling good rather than the negative reasons you may remember from my love your body week posts. I love changing habits for the better! All it takes is a little dedication up front, and before you know it, you're there!