Tuesday Newsday...

Remember the little sneak peek I gave you last week of the cute dolly I was working on? Well I ended up making two because well the first one was not good enough in my opinion to give to my sweet niece! Aren't they so cute!?! I love these little ladies so much that I brought my trial doll to the office to keep me company on my desk.

honey bea & sweetie pie

I love their little bee hive hair-dos, thumbs up to Retro Mama for an easy and awesome pattern!

In Pay It Forward 2011 news looky here at the first item to go out...

A super sweet ruffled summer scarf...love me some gingham for those spring/summer months! Have an amazing Tuesday...

loves- Cookie Louise

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  1. Oh, these dolls are far too perfect! Why do I only have 5 nephews?! Someone's gotta give me a niece soon. They just gotta!