Project ReStyle...Week Two

So I know I'm a week late on this post and I promise that I will catch up next week! I am so excited about this weeks Project ReStyle, I rescued this sad little embroidery hoop at the Salvation Army a few weeks ago and knew I wanted to make something cute for my craft room.

Now I am by No means and expert or a pro embroiderer, honestly I just picked up some embroidery floss and went to town, but I really am loving the DIY look of this piece!

Are you ReStyling anything lately? Do you have any tips for me about embroidery? Let me know what you are up to ladies and gents! Have a blessed day...

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loves- Cookie Louise


  1. Oh, this is just so so lovely! Hooray for project restyle! And I love love your outfit post below with the cowboy boots. I scrounged up 3 different pairs at the thrift store this year and can't get enough!

  2. Giiirrl, *said in sassy southern twang* I can nver find any shoes at thrift worth a darn so that's awesome!