Project ReStyle...Week One

So last week I gave you all a sneak peek at my Project ReStyle dress, it was very 90's to say the least! I could imagine Kelly Kapowski roaming the halls of Bayside High in this little number can't you!

Well I had to rescue this little number and turn it into something I would actually wear and that I did... all I had to do was remove the "dickie" and remove the sleeves (which I then cut into a racerback style for more interest) take the dress up in the shoulders to raise the neckline and add the pretty flowers.

That might sound like a lot but this required minimal effort and the result is pretty amazing paired with your favorite cowboy boots!

I love the sweet way this little frock buttons all the way up (which I think is coming back in, F21 is full of these floral dresses!)and the way it hugs my waist then flairs out ever so slightly is a plus too!...

Have you ReStyled anything this year? Tell me what you think of this little number did I hit the nail on the head?

loves- Cookie Louise Pleaze


  1. Very cute!! Love how you accessorized with the necklace and hat!

  2. you look beautiful in it.. very nicely done.

  3. Ya'll are so sweet, thank you so much for the feedback it is truly appreciated!

  4. too freakin' cute! love this. you look ah-mazing!