Fashion Friday...Vintage Edition

Today was a very fun outfit day for me... can you believe that I am lucky enough to get to wear this to a very conservative office in South Texas? I know *pinches herself* very lucky lady indeed!

I had spotted this dress in a local vintage shop and passed her on by...after a week of thinking about the dress and why on Earth I didn't buy it I hightailed it back to the store the following Saturday. Low and behold there she still was just begging me to try her on, so I kindly obliged!

She fit, I was smitten and she was mine...the rest is history!

This vintage beaut is a little harder to style because of the length and I am having a hard time deciding to take the hem up or not because I don't want to change the vintage integrity of the dress, what do you think?

Well here is my styling of her on those cold winter days...

50's Dress: Vintage
Cardi: NY&Co
Cameo: Mee Maw's (Her Graduation gift in 1943)
Belt: Steve Madden
Grey Tights: Wal Mart
Pink Tights: Target
Boots: Gifted

Sorry for the bad hair, I am trying to grow it out and sadly it's at a very awkward stage for me. If you have any styling tips I would love to hear them!

loves- Cookie Louise Pleaze


  1. I need you to come dress me. I'm SO serious!!!

  2. Girl, you crack me up... I would love to anytime! I love putting already owned pieces together in diffrent ways to create a new look...