A Thrifty Saturday Indeed...

So today was AWESOME, I scored in a major way thrifting with my mom. Gosh I love her patience with my as I look through EVERYTHING! The hard work was worth it just look at my haul...

I can't wait to show you what I plan on using these patterns from the 50's-70's on in Project Restyle and the books look awesome on my book shelf in the living room! My favorite finds were the two enamel brooches I found for $7.00 total...seriously!

During my adventure at the Salvation Army I was cornered by a gentleman who informed me that he was surprised that someone my age knew how to read and how our country was going to pot and how I need at least six months of food stored just in case. Not only all of that but how I needed to drive said food in pvc pipes out to the country at coordinates known only to myself and bury it 14 feet underground!

See what I went through to find these precious treasures! I hope that having someone actually listen to him was the highlight of his day, my mom just kept staring at me like I was the crazy one. What did I get myself into by being polite? If you went thrifting I hope your score was as awesome for you as mine!

loves- Cookie Louise Pleaze


  1. Vintage hardcovers and dress patterns are like my gold when thrifting. Great haul.

  2. It's always such an adventure to meet new friends at the Salvation Army and Goodwill. Fun story Christina, Thanks!