Woah...it's been a LONG time!

Hello everyone... oh how I've missed this. So much has happend since the last time I've written anything here and honestly it's been really nice to stop and just enjoy the season of life that I'm now in.

I am currently working at my church as the Director of Nursery Ministries! Let me tell you... it's so amazing to wake up and not go into work with anxiety. I have the privalge of working with my friends and around constant support... God is GOOD! I won't be posting everyday but I promise to stay more in touch with what's going on in my neck of the woods.


Master Bath Saga... Shower Curtain Hook DIY

So like I said in my post last week of the before pictures of our master bath, this re-style has to be done cheaply. As in almost free if possible! When I started to think of a color scheme I thought of everything I already owned that could be re-purposed. That included a white shower curtain and the hooks I had on the existing curtain.

I wanted to add some of my personality to the room and I thought what better way to makeover the hooks than by covering them with fabric. Since they were already round it mimics the look of a fabric covered button quite well. Best of all this part was free... I used fabric from my stash and my trusty glue gun.

The process was super easy and probably only took about 30 min. to complete...

Supplies Needed: Shower Curtain Hooks, Fabric, Hot Glue Gun and Glue, Chalk or Something to Mark With, (Optional: Yarn, Fabric Glue)


1. Trace the front of the hook, be generous so that there is enough fabric to wrap completely around.


2. Glue and adhere fabric to the hook.

3. For an added effect cut and glue yarn to the front in an X shape to mimic the look of a sewed on button.

4. Admire the ease of the project and the change in your bathroom!

I opted out of the yarn on the button look because the white was just too washed out against the white shower curtain and I didn't have any other yarn that complemented my color choices. I love this little extra that this simple DIY adds. Tomorrow I'll be back with another installment of how it's all starting to take shape!


Trying Something New...

Do any of you remember like forever and a day ago I posted about wanting to give my master bath a redo? Well the time has come my friends and this makeover is on a tight budget! As I keep you updated on the process I will include DIYs so if you get the itch you can give your bathroom a little love too. I'm hoping to keep this update under a hundred dollars and if I can do it for less than fifty even better!!

Today I am going to show you all the before pics... when I registered for all of my master bath goodness we hadn't bought our house yet so I was unaware that everything would be beige!! My thought when I registered was to keep the Mister happy and go for a sort of spa look. Well against the walls that match the rugs, that are the exact same color as the towels...the look was lost. Since I get ready and start my day in this space it should be happy right?!

See... so stinkin' blah!

The way I chose my new color pallet was out of necessity. Like I said I am on a very limited budget and needed to reuse things I already own as much as possible. That being said I already had a white shower curtain and some yellow monogrammed towels that weren't being used because they didn't fit into any of our spaces. I decided to add aqua, red and pink to the mix and give it a vintage feel to stay true to my aesthetic. Here are a couple of inspiration pics so you get the idea. I feel like it will blend with our master bedroom quite nicely.


(The inspiration)

So stay tuned next week for updates in the master bath saga...