What I Wore...Fashion Freedom

I love Fridays, even though I'm at home now there is just something special about Friday, ya know? The best part about being at home is letting my vintage loving heart soar everyday. I never have to worry about being office appropriate or wonder if I'm pushing boundaries too far. So, today in honor of my fashion freedom I decided to wear this red, white and blue 70's blazer.


Scarf: Vintage/ Estate Sale
Jewelry: Vintage/ Family, Estate Sale
Poly Blazer: Vintage/ Thrifted
Tank: JCP
Skinnies: F21
Boots: Minnetonka

1970s style

These moccasins have been my favorite this fall/winter season. i certainly didn't think they would get as much wear as they have. A bunch of my outfits have been planned around the boot to be honest. Just goes to show you ladies that sometimes you really just need to buy the shoes!!
I hope you are having a fabulous Friday...go treat yourself to something special today!


  1. Thanks Emily...it's fun! Happy Friday...

  2. Glad I never found a shirt for that:) Look cute on you.

  3. love your blazer. it's gorgeous!


  4. Your smile is just the best! But the headscarf is delightful as well, and I really love that you did a twirl for that last photo, so we can see the movement in that jacket! Divine. :)

  5. Your blog & Esty Shop is awesome!

    What a blessing God has crossed our paths! I just text Kelsie and told her I met the sweet heart mentor she's told me about! You GO GIRL with the fashion!!! I love vintage and you pull it off so well! I'm gonna be inspired for sure... it will be fun to follow your blog :)