Saying Goodbye Is Hard To Do...

A week ago today my heart broke as I said goodbye to my best friend and little girl Cookie Louise. I knew I would face this feeling one day but I really thought we would have a couple of more years together. Sweet Cookie suffered from a massive stroke and never recovered. I thank God that she went on her own and I didn’t have to make the agonizing decision of putting her down myself. Before she went she spent her last moments in her mama’s arms receiving tight hugs and sweet kisses. Even in those moments I felt like she was comforting me more than I her. Cookie, was an amazing dog…you can ask anyone who met her. So much love was poured out on her behalf via Facebook I felt so blessed to have such dear friends.

As the days go by the reality that she is really gone sets in, I find myself looking for her underfoot less and less. My heart aches for that little dog with the big heart. I remember everything I’ve been through with her by my side: High School, College, Loss of my Grandparents, My Wedding, My First Home… 13 years of memories spent together. I really had no idea how much love one could have for their pet until she was gone… please understand that I mean I knew I loved her but maybe not the extent of the depth.

I will always have a hole in my heart for Cookie Louise and for now I’m focusing on the fact that her honor will live on through this blog and both of my shops. She will always be by my side just not on this side of Heaven…

RIP Cookie Louise Griffith


  1. :(..its so sad to lose a pet..im really sorry..
    take care

  2. I miss that little pug.

  3. It's definitely hard! I'm sorry again!
    Lizbett Vest

  4. I'm so sorry. My dog is my sidekick so I know how heartbroken I'd be too.

  5. Awww...I am so so sorry for your loss. I haven't lost a pet because all of mine are still relatively young but I can't imagine not having one of them following at my feet. My heart is with you during this time. Have you heard of Rainbow Bridge? I used to volunteer at an animal shelter and we always told people about it coming in to adopt after they lost a pet. http://www.petloss.com/rainbowbridge.htm - it's a tear jerker but it's nice to think about an All Dogs Go To Heaven type thing.

  6. sorry for your loss

  7. sounds like an incredible little pup. she was beautiful! Keep your chin up, love!

  8. this is so heartbreaking :( i wish dogs could live forever.

  9. :( i know exactly how this feels...i lost my cat back in July. i was 4 yrs old when we got him and died at nearly 20 yrs old. I know how heart breaking it is BUT life goes on and memories are the best :)