Three Years... Wedded Bliss

To think that three years have already come and gone is astounding. Where it seems just like it was yesterday our life before we were married feels like a lifetime ago. Our little house on Staples St., sitting on the back porch hanging with friends...the little stock pile in our office I had created for the wedding. Let's not forget the tiny closets and the even smaller single bathroom that we shared.

Looking back on just how far God has brought the both of us is a miracle... I'm glad that even though at the time we weren't following the Lord that we still invited Him to our wedding. That the foundation our union is built on is a strong one, that will endure many ups and downs. I can't wait to see what adventure this new year together has in store... I am just happy knowing that whatever it is my best friend will be by my side!

I just love looking at these memories of our special day, they are just so magical.


  1. Oh my gosh, my heart is exploding. Congratulations, this looks like a beautiful wedding, and you look gorgeous. You've got one heck of a megawatt smile!!

    I'm engaged myself, and I have to admit, the whole planning process is really daunting. The sheer joy you exude in these pictures puts things right back in perspective for me. Thanks. :)

  2. Thank you so much, you are seriously too sweet!

    Keep your focus and just enjoy every second of it. It is the best day of your life and honestly I don't remember anything about the day except being with my man and our commitment to each other. We have our ups and downs but being able to reflect on how our love changes with each season of life is so cool. After eight years I am more sure than I ever was that we were meant to be together!!

  3. Oh my gooondesssssssss YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! I can't believe how pretty you were on your wedding day. You are easily one of the prettiest people I know, inside and out! Congrats on three years!