Something Cozy...

Last night for our anniversary celebration I decided to keep it pretty chill. I envisioned a welcoming fort made out of vintage sheets and quilts in front of the TV for dinner and a movie. I know this isn't a novel idea in the blogospehere however, I decided to go about it a little differently.

I knew I wanted us to be able to sit completely upright or even stand so I took to the ceiling. I drilled to small screw eyes about a yard and a half apart from each other to start. Then I strung some thing rope we had in the garage through the eyes and tied both ends off (one to an end table, the other to our basket of gaming equip.) The tighter the rope the better!


Then, using old fashioned clothes pins I secured one king size sheet to the top of the rope. Using hand weights I flared the opposite end out and secured to the hearth. I did the same thing with a second sheet only flaring it out and securing it to our love seat. For the back I used a smaller sheet and just clothes pinned it to the two others.


Then I used a queen sized air mattress, pillows, quilts and afghans to amp up the comfy factor! Needless to say Ryan was quite surprised and excited as we had just been talking about doing this as children. Dinner consisted of a homemade margherita pizza and nutellla filled croissants for dessert!


It was such a nice night, we plan on leaving the screw eyes up indefinitely! Give this idea a try for a magical night in with someone you love...

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  1. That is marvelous!! I love it! Sometimes my boyfriend and I just set up our camping tent and make fake starscapes on the ceiling. :)