ReStyled... Mexican House Dress

Sorry I didn't do a tutorial for this one I was in a hurry. Like I made it literally an hour before the baby shower I was attending! Needless to say this was super easy if you want to give it a go...

I bought this dress at a garage sale a month or so ago for a dollar and couldn't decided what to do with it. I have a white one that is similar that I bought on my honeymoon in Cozumel and didn't really see the need for two white house dresses.

I decided a little crop top would be really cute and easy to dress up or down! Armed with a serger these days I just couldn't resist taking her out for a spin...

* measure where you want the from of your top to end
* position the dress evenly on the diagonal so you have half of the front and half of the back showing.
* using a ruler measure an inch down from where you want the front of the shirt diagonally to the back. (I wanted my crop top to have a fishtail look)
* cut that sucker!
* serge the edge, fold over once and sew a hem
Mexican Embroidered Top

Super fast, super easy and super cheap! I received quite a few complements at the shower all the while thinking to myself how I just made it an hour before...
Let me know if you have any questions or leave a link if you try this yourself!

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. omgosh, I LOVE THIS!!! I may totally have to do this now! It would be super cute belted too! O no, now I'm excited...now I just have to figure out where I'll get one...Market Square here in SA has em everywhere but everything is super expensive there...

  2. PS, it looks fantastic on you un-belted. Since I used to be fat, I'm always self-conscious about loose fitting shirts, so I belt everything lol

  3. soooo pretty. I love mexican house dresses so so much. They are adorable no matter what, but this might be my new favorite way to wear them!