What I Wore... Pretty As A Flower

Where to start with this dress? Well, I passed it up at the thrifts for at the very least a month before I gave in on half price day and decided that it might have potential. Have I told you what I do with all of my vintage finds for the shop? Call me what you will but no matter the size I try them ALL on. Sound cray cray? I do this because it helps me to better see what the dress or skirt could become with a little altering.

Once I tried on this dress that was destined for thrift store hades I realized that it really didn't need any changes at all and the poor dear just had no personality on the rack is all. So lesson learned, don't judge a book by it's cover. I really love the yellow and white...it reminds me of the fresh daises in my studio.

I made it my own with this Indian inspired beaded belt and my new favorite wedges!

80's dress

beaded belt

fave wedges

Earrings: F21
Dress: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Ring: F21
Wedges: Sam Edelman/ Gifted

daisy inspired

summer office wear

I wonder what my future littles will think of this blog...maybe I'll be a style icon in their eyes? Hey a girl can dream right?!

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. what a great yellow... love it!

  2. Thanks Amanda, I can't believe I passed it up for so long!

  3. It's completely perfect. The color is adorable, and the little details on the top are so pretty and dainty. Great score!