Winner Announced...


Congratulations to Nonners who said...

"Oh How Fun!!! Please sign me up for the giveaway!!! I'm following you! Hmn...my dream party would be themed as a 50’s retro party. You know, before the time of the hippies :] I just love the shapes from the time. *Sigh* It'd be wonderful. And everyone would be decked out in cute outfits. I'm also a follower of Polka Dots Are Love, A is for Ampersand and Petite Insanities."

Thank you to everyone who entered and those of you who attended the party!

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. O.O I won?!?! Are you kidding?!?! Yay!! I'm so excited!!!!! You know I also loved the tea party idea. I went to a baby shower that was themed that way. It was so cute. Their were little tarts everywhere :]

  2. So are you going to email me or am I emailing you?

  3. congratulations on your win! if it couldn't be me i'm glad it was someone else pretty cool.


  4. oh. I didn't get anything from you. I'm sorry. I hope I gave you the right email. It's perhapsthatsridiculous (at) gmail (dot) com...is that the same one? I don't remember.

    Awe, Thanks Chrissy.