A June Wedding...

Last night Ryan and I attended a beautiful wedding... I just love seeing two people commit their lives and loves to each other...so special. The groom proposed in a song that he wrote especially for the bride lucky for us it was caught on video and we all had the chance to see it right before she came down the isle.

Sorry for the lack of photos but I really just spent the evening enjoying myself and visiting with sweet friends...



The beautiful cakes are one of my favorite parts of the reception...a yummy work of art!

kika_bouquet toss

Kika caught the bouquet and by caught I mean did everything in her power to make sure she is next!

the mister and i

I have a wonderful before and after to share with you about the re-style of this dress. I loved the fabric and knew it had to be rescued!

Congrats to the happy couple and a lifetime of love and the most important thing I think...laughter!

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. Can wait to see that re-style when you post. Just to let you all know she did a fabulous job on it. I had the honor to actually see the before and after. It was also my fav fabric.

    Weddings are so special and the couple was beautiful.


  2. PAHAHA! Kik always does this lol. You should have seen her at my wedding...and she didn't even get it haha