Finally I Can Display My Collection...

A few weeks ago I found two shelves garage sailing and I instantly knew what I wanted them for. Not to mention that they were only five bucks for the pair! Since I've started collecting Enid Collins bags I have wanted to be able to display them so I can enjoy looking at them while in my studio. Now they have a little home right above my tv...thanks for hanging them Ryan!

Enid Collins Display

Another little addition to the wall in my studio are these faith and love plaques. I just adore the sweet little couple locking lips. Both have a few water marks and are in far from perfect condition but for $2.40 I just couldn't pass these little guys up...

faith & love

That's pretty much all that's new in my area... I do have some ideas that involve re-finishing furniture but I just need to find the time...

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. those shelves are great! and for five dollars? uh-mazing!


  2. Thanks...right! They are like 40.00 a piece at Hobby Lobby, I LOVE a good deal!

  3. Great deal on the shelves! I love that wall color! Really ties well with your new displays!