Rummage Sale Finds...

You know every time I see other bloggers post their thrifty or garage sale finds I am always a little jealous. I think to myself, "why don't I ever find anything cool?". Sure I might find a rad vintage dress here and there but what I am ALWAYS on the lookout for is an Enid Collins original. Sure I see them in antique shops here and there and when the right price have purchased them there but I want to find one on the cheap, practically free so I can have the joy of rescuing the treasure myself.

Well this weekend my search was fulfilled...in a BIG way! I was up early in line before eight for a church rummage sale and when everyone pushed their way in and began looking at all of the housewares I made my way back to the bags and clothes and there they were in ALL of their glory!

enid collins wise guy

enid collins wheeler dealers

Not one but two Enid Collins bags... one box, one bucket. I quickly snatched them up with out even giving them a good once over because I didn't want to draw any attention to myself or my treasure... in case there were more hiding around. After picking up a bunch of patterns from the 60's and 70's and a mod maxi dress I headed to checkout wondering how much I would be paying for these gems. Drum roll please......................... $2.00 a pop!

original tag

vintage patterns

I ran out to my car pulled them out of the bag and gave them a looksie and low and behold the bucket bag still had it's original tag on it!!

I called my mom screaming and woke her up, I needed someone to get excited with me (thanks mom!) I was on a thrifters high... I had finally had the moment I always hope for! After a couple more stops I felt like the day was over and by 9AM was waking up my dear husband with the news. He was super happy for me too and we went to celebrate with breakfast tacos! Gosh, just telling you the story gets me so excited...best Saturday ever!

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. whaaaaat that is AMAZING! Congrats. I LOVE thrifter's high because it's real and it's the BEST. So happy for you. And holy moly...two Enids?! Crazy crazy. Congrats, girl!

  2. I know it's pretty fantastic...thanks for getting excited with me!

  3. Aw, what great finds! You got some great stuff! Thrifting is the best!