Stillness In His Prescence...

Ok, readers it's time to get a little deep today... I hope you're ready for this!

So, I was going to post about how last night and this morning I was in FREAK OUT mode. Not that I was really even freaking as bad as I normally would in such circumstances but nonetheless... Then I was taught a lesson.

Last night I needed to finish 12 shirts in order to be caught up to my daily quota on my shirt order due this Saturday. That being said I had my madre over helping with some finishing touches while I sat down to sew. Then it happened... my bobbin thread started FREAKING out and knotting up in the back and my needle thread soon followed suit and wasn't acting right either.

Determined to stay a chill pickle I calmly took apart the bobbin casing and cleaned and oiled the machine thinking surely that would fix the problem since there was nothing visibly wrong. Well sad to say after a few take aparts and cleans this was NOT working and I had only made 3 shirts!!!

All I could do in that moment was decide to take my little Esteem to Singer in the morning hug it and pray. I felt so defeated and didn't even really know what to pray for so I just told God that without Him I couldn't fix this in my own power and asked if He would just work out whatever problem there was.

So, this morning I went up to my studio and gave it another prayer and thought just maybe it needed a little break and would be back to normal...and it wasn't. As soon as I got to the office I called Singer and talked to the super sweet lady on the other end about my problem and asked how long their turnaround was...a couple of days...TOO LONG.

I had no other choice and had my sweet husband take it over for me and waited to hear the news. I had instructed him to plead for same day turnaround... A few minuets and a phone call later and he called with good news and bad news.

First, the good news... the machine was already fixed and in the truck and she fixed it for free on top of that! Hooray!!! What bad news could there possibly be? Just that my machine is pretty much junk and Singer no longer makes quality machines so if I get another large order then I need a better piece of equipment.

So, what was the lesson learned you ask? It was that I can't do anything in my own power and that it's OK to just give it over to God and let Him take care of the details because He will better than I can. I also learned that it's better to stay a chill pickle and not let my emotions take over because what would have been the use of really freaking out? The worst thing that happened was I lost a days worth of work...nothing that can't be made up.

I was reminded that I needed to fully rely on Him, God wants to take the utmost care of me and all of my situations and will if I let Him. Now to get off of work and makeup some lost time...

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. AND, how amazing is it that God has blessed you with so many orders that you need a new machine to handle it? That's another whole blessing in itself! I love God and I love you!

  2. Pretty darn amazing, I'd say! I love you too Donna B, thanks for the comments!