Monday Childhood Loves...On Tuesday!

Lady Lovely Locks!!

I will never forget my fourth Christmas, that year we were living with my Mee Maw and Paw Paw and that morning when I walked into the den all set up on the coffee table was this masterpiece...

The ENTIRE Lady Lovely Locks castle complete with the following dolls, her horse and her pup!


The Lady Lovely Locks, pictured right. I always enjoyed watching her movies...I would have my mom clip the little pixies with colored tails in my hair so I could look just like her.

This is Princess Curly Crown, being the straight haired gal that I am I was pretty ruthless brushing out her hair.


and last but not least Lady Lovely Locks BFF Silky Mane! Can you picture this whole set up and how amazing it was to four year old me? Just a little over a year ago I finally said goodbye to my Lady Lovely Locks. My mom had just moved down to Corpus and brought with her all of the things from my childhood that we had held on to and I had to make the tough decision of what would stay and go. I believe that she was one of the ones that went... after this post I wish I had her back. At the time I had no idea that I would have a craft room where I would be free to display all of my childhood loves...oh well...

Did you know who Lady Lovely Locks was...if so did you have this set up too?

loves- Cookie Louise

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  1. omg. i remember those! i loved those clips with the colorful hair. so funny.

    ♥ sécia