Monday Childhood Loves...On Tuesday Again!

So I found a small pic of my Lady Lovely Locks castle that I was telling you all about last week! I didn't even remember that I had a matching nightgown...dang four year old me rocks! Look at those heart shaped sunnies and my lip gloss watch!

Christmas 1987

This week I want to tell you about my Rainbow Brite collection! Baby Brite was and still is my fave of all of the gals, maybe it's her pink hair and romper...she's a girl after my own heart! Like the Lady Lovly Locks collection I pretty much had and actually STILL have all of these dolls.

rainbow bright

I have Rainbow Brite, Shy Violet, Patty O'Green, Baby Brite, Puppy Brite, Starlite (her horse) a smaller version of Red Butler and Lala Orange. I want to show you pics of my collection but having the mister drag them down from the attic only for pics seems a little mean! If and when I have a little lady of my own they will definitely be making a debut!

Gosh I was IN LOVE with those cartoons, I remember going to the video rental store and actually renting a VCR and the tapes and watching them for hours! Do you remember when you could rent the VCR and having one was a luxury?

loves- Cookie Louise


  1. So cute! Why was I never in on the Rainbow Brite craze? I know my sister was ALL about Strawberry Shortcake, but I must have missed Rainbow. Jipped!

  2. You were, sorry...she is AWESOME! Loved your blog post today...

  3. Wow, that photo in the chair look just like ME! HAHAHA. Love it.

    ♥ sécia